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Our lives are a bustling landscape of emotions and information that we use to make thousands of decisions. While navigating this cacophony, we often forget how to recall our primal instincts and make decisions based on innate wisdom. Kate Csillagi’s work is a beckoning for the symbolic reasoning around us.

Csillagi collects objects and fabric that strike a nostalgic and discarded chord. Using materials ranging from basket skeletons to your grandma’s drapes, Csillagi recounts occult folklore through painting and assemblage. Most recently, her work is influenced by shamanic rituals, tarot, and romance podcasts.

Csillagi hails from Austin, TX. Raised by bawdy southern matriarchs and cultured at The Art Institute of Chicago and Evergreen University, Csillagi began making art in the form of zines and graffiti. Aside from exhibitions in Austin, she has shown in Nevada, Kentucky, Washington, New York, and Tennessee.